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“My coaching session with Shannon gave me a much-needed chance to step away from the day-to-day work and think strategically about where I envision going. I could hone in on something I’ve thought about but haven’t put into action, and I was able to break down a huge task to make it all seem much more achievable. I’m now very clear on my next steps in my career!”  – Client transitioning into a leadership role

“Shannon has been instrumental in helping my team through a fairly significant transition in team structure and reporting. I personally have benefited from Shannon’s expertise and in just a few interactions was able to move quickly toward a positive path forward.”   – Client experiencing a significant team restructure including position eliminations

“I’ve been very impressed with the coaching methods Shannon uses. Even though it was coaching in a career context, she also helped me look at the big picture, in terms of the issues I was facing at work and where they come from (long before I started my career) and also in terms of my whole self. This new perspective is making me a more productive and happy person at work and in life in general.”  – Client experiencing numerous life transitions, including marriage, moving and changing jobs

“I have greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness that Shannon put into our coaching sessions.  She helped me define specific goals and provided me with tools to understand and overcome my obstacles to achieving them.  Through her coaching, I can now take some positive steps forward.” – Client experiencing relationship challenges

“Shannon’s coaching really helped me better define my career goals and objectives.  I really valued her process, and she offered me some great resources along the way that gave me focus and clarity on what is most important.” – Client in search of their next career move

“I’ve felt a tremendous shift in my self-confidence and ability to succeed.  I am now able to articulate my vision of success and I’ve worked through the limiting beliefs I had about myself. I am confident in my ability to manage my responsibilities, many of which felt daunting but are now motivating.  I have no doubt that I am better off having worked with Shannon and hope that others get to reap the benefits!” – Client entering motherhood and transitioning into a leadership role at work